Color Psychology and Marketing

Color psychology is part of psychology that studies the emotions and reactions of observers of certain colors. It has been scientifically proven that each individual has different reaction to certain colors and that these colors can cause different emotional states, mood and even behavior.  Those who realize the power of color psychology can use and apply this knowledge for the purpose of marketing, advertising and increasing the number of sales in general.

This means that it is not all the same when you have to choose colors in certain situations. For example, if we know that the red color encourages action it is always a good idea to use it on websites that are dealing with selling items because it can encourage potential buyers to take action and buy some of the products or services offered on that site. On the other hand, if you have a website that is dealing with home improvement ideas it is good to use the white color as basic color but also add all the other colors in the spectrum because all these colors can be used in our homes. Choosing a black color to be the dominant color in this case will be very wrong because the black color is very rare when it comes to interior design in private homes. Furthermore, if you have a website that is offering natural products you should use the green color, because this color reminds of nature, plants and health.

In addition to the psychological response to colors, color psychology is involved in studying cultural patterns that are deeply embedded in the minds of people and this patter is different in different countries and continents. For example many European countries have the red color in their flag, while many Arab countries have the green color in their flags. This is not something accidental. Colors have different meaning in different cultures and you can expect people to have different reactions about some color depending on their culture. For example, white color in Europe is used for wedding ceremonies and it is also a symbol of purity, while people in China use it for funerals and they view this color as a symbol of death. When it comes to the Western or European culture every color has a meaning. So, let’s take a look at some of them.

Black – This is a color or power and authority. When it comes to design black color symbolizes elegance, stylishness and mystery.

Grey – Grey color is usually linked with inspiration and creativity. This color is used as a base for elements that we want to emphasize.

Blue – The color of the sky and the sea. It has a calming and relaxing power. It is very popular in art and design.

Red – This is probably the color that triggers most intensive feelings. In art and design this color is used to point out something and leave a special impression.

Marketers can certainly learn a lot from color psychology, so if you are working in this field make sure you have at least basic knowledge in this field.

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