Understanding Color Psychology and its Uses

Have you ever wondered how a company decides which colors to use when creating its logo? Or what colors to use in the office décor? Just like most things in life, there is a science behind this. That is called color psychology.

In a pinch, color psychology is the study of how colors affect human behaviors. If you have doubts that this, then try to think about being served a meal that is blue in color. If you do not find it appetizing, then you are part of the majority of people in the world whose appetites are turned off by the color blue. Of course this also has something to do with the fact that no food in the world is colored blue, so that would be highly unnatural.

Here are some other basic reactions that people have to colors:

Blue – most often associated with peace and tranquility, this color is often used in corporate offices because it is believed to have a calming effect on people. Studies have also suggested that people are most efficient in a blue colored room. Some have even observed that weightlifters are able to lift heavier weights in blue surroundings.

Red – this is known as the color of passion, and is usually able to elicit physical responses from those who see it. Red attracts attention, and it gets the heart pumping faster. People are not encouraged to wear red to interviews. However, this is an accent that could be placed in restaurants, as it is also known to increase a person’s appetite.

Black – this gives the sense of authority as well as sophistication. Some others perceive black to be a sign of submission. This is why priests wear black, as a sign of submission to God. Then again, black is also associated with the unknown and things that are feared.

Color psychology, as much as it is marketed in some countries as an important science, is not an absolute science. Colors are perceived differently by each person, and past experiences, culture, even personal preferences can make one’s perception of a color different.

So if you were to design a logo, or to renovate your home, you might want to look at what color psychology has to say with regards to the colors that you choose. It would most likely say that red is good for the kitchen but not in the bedroom. Then again, it also would fall down to your own preference.



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